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Maven offers a range of frozen foods non-vegetarian ready-to-cook products.

Our range is very aptly and can be called “Fatafat Food” as it is 90% cooked, almost ready to eat. It is tastier and healthier than the non veg fast-food options in the market and easy to prepare at home – Maggi se bhi jaldi, since you can just thaw them in Microwave and can eat just like or may shallow fry them on non stick cookware with a pinch of oil only.
Our Frozen foods products are preservative-free and have a long shelf life. Enjoy hygienic, nutritious, high-protein, delicious, ready-to-cook snacks / food!
Our snacks range consists of more than 10 products, including Burger Patties, Salami, Sausages, Kababs, Meat Balls, Tikkas, Momos among others.

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